About Specialist Center for People with Disabilities

Specialist Center For Children With Disabilities provides the highest level of educational, rehabilitation and treatment services for persons with disabilities to raise the level of capabilities of persons with disabilities to live in a decent life, and aims to enhance their independence and dependence on themselves to the highest degree possible and integrate them into a qualified community at the highest level of Autonomy.

The services provided by the center for people with disabilities

Distinguished classrooms.
Evening session system.
Autism services.
learning difficulties .
Occupational therapy services.
intellectual disability .
Speech delay and speech disorders services.
Development of communication skills, attention and focus.
Family support under the supervision of specialists.
Hyperactivity and distraction.
Hleb and Pop Curriculum

Internal and external activities and activities

Educational leisure trips.
Systematic and extracurricular activities inside the center.
Classroom activities.
Outdoor sports activities (swimming - horse riding).